Latinos In Memphis

In this episode we talk all things in the Memphis Latino Community. From the beginning of the population’s entry into the area to today’s challenges and the hope of future, we talk candidly about the Latino experience

Our guests for the show are:

Simone Delerme, PhD  – McMullan Associate Professor of Southern Studies & Anthropology at the University of Mississippi

Yancy Villa – Independent Artist –

Maricio Calvo – Executive Director of Latino Memphis

Daniel Connolly – Reporter for the Commercial Appeal and author of The Book of Isaias. Daniel’s website.



1 thought on “Latinos In Memphis

  1. Hello, my name is Nicolás Pérez, I just wanted to say that I’m a proud to be hispano and I’m glad that we have been growing in the city of memphis. I attended the Life Church and we offer spanish translation for non English people. Im part of TIRRC program to help new DACA applicants it’s relatively new, so I’m all about in helping out in the community. Im glad you are talking bout the hispanic history in memphis, i have lived here for about 20 years and I have noticed the changes as far as panaderías lol and other stablishments, thanks for your time and I love your podcast let’s keep the momentum going there’s always something to do for our hispanic community. 👍

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