The Enchanted Forest

Joe and I had the pleasure of spending time with Olive Gamble who was a seamstress and much much more at Goldsmith’s when the Enchanted Forest was such a large part of the Christmas season. She costumed the mannequins and animals used throughout the displays, along with handling a multitude of sewing and display tasks for the store downtown and other suburban locations.

Join us as we walk through the history of one of Memphis’ greatest holiday traditions. 

Leave us a comment with your memories of the Enchanted Forest! 


6 thoughts on “The Enchanted Forest

  1. Nostalgic visit back to a beautiful time in Memphis history. Goldsmith’s was a true holiday destination for5 so many of us. Ms. Gamble helped bring back lots of happy memories. Great addition to this site.

  2. I’m curious if Olive Gamble knew my uncle Howard Johnson. He worked as an part-time artist and window designer for Goldsmith’s (and Lowenstein’s,) specializing in fiberglass to make the characters in the Enchanted Forest and fix mannequins at Goldsmiths (and characters for other clients like the Shoney’s Big Boy statues, inspired by another artist’s old 1940’s drawing tied to Bob’s Big Boy.) When in Memphis, he stayed at the Gayoso Hotel.

  3. My grandmother worked as a seamstress for Gerber’s in the children’s section & she & several of her coworkers were employed to make the tiny costumes for the Enchanted Forest characters. Such great memories!

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