The Spirit of Beale Street

In the past history of Memphis our city has not always treated all Memphians fairly and we are paying for it now.  Despite the discrimination and unfair treatment of Memphis blacks by the total segregationist,  E H Crump and his dynasty for years and his policies decades afterwards, the African-American citizens have stepped up to contribute to our community. 

During World War II, black Memphians banded together, spearheaded by Lt. George W Lee, and showed their American spirit by purchasing more than $303,000 war bonds at $18 to $25 dollars per bond, which worked out to $1.5 million dollars.

This community of Memphis African-American patriots also purchased a Consolidated Liberator B-24 Bomber on August 14, 1943 known as the Spirit of Beale Street. This is just one of many of their stories that were not widely publicized in our city.



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