Quonset Huts

Back in September of 2010 leading local realtor and historian Joe Spake and I got together to compare notes on the locations of the Quonset huts we could find in Memphis.

There may be others but here what we found. Sadly some are now gone. Click the Street View links for a look at the buildings. 

1. Kiwani west of Raleigh Millington Rd the Moose Lodge.

2. 40 Flicker St,  and 66 Flicker Street, north of Avery south of the Union Ave Viaduct. Google Map Street View

3. On Broad east of Tillman on the south side of the street used to be the Merry Mobile Company. You can see it from Plough Blvd. Street View

4. On Broad east of Tillman on the north side of Broad there is a long, large one with a standard building front.

5. On Scott Street south of Pershing Ave on east side of street.  Tomato and vegetable company. Street View

6. There are several Large Ones connected together in Collierville. There is a small one behind the motel on 72 west of Center in Collierville.

7. On York west of Cooper east of Tanglewood was Barnett Supply. This one burned and is no longer there.

8. Sharvania Oil 1185 Tully south of Firestone Blvd. Gone

9. On Mallory west of Wellington there are three of them, north side of the street.  This was  a paint company. 

10 You cant see this one from the street but there is a private driveway running west off of 2100 Wellington. @ East McKellar. Its hidden but has been there a long time.

11. Corner of Texas Drive at Foot of Lauderdale inside Federal Compress. We believe this one to be gone. 

12. On East Bodley 1000′ east of Prospect 3 buildings on site. The company blended and reclaimed fuels Jan 27 1997 there was was 2nd Alarm fire there, The entire neighborhood was evacuated. Permafix at 901 East Bodley

13. There was a maintenance building located on the southwest side of the old Pace Corporation located at S Third and Stateline.  Gone

14. Matthews Blow Pipe southwest corner of Keel and Second Street.

15. Pro-Fire and G & W Diesel Illinois and Kansas. Street View.

16. A large one is located at S Third Street west side of street next door to Charles Hayes & Sons Body Shop. Street View

17. On Chelsea east of McLean there are several. Street View

18. At Key St and Neil Ave there are three. Street View

19. On Chelsea west of McLean. Street View

20. Jackson and Kendrick, there is a large lumber company. Street View.

21. On Florida at Bodley at Memphis Cotton Compress Co. Street View

22. Behind the Christian Church and west of the Moriah Woods office complex at Willow and Mt Moriah,  There is one completely covered by the woods.

23. On Marshall Ave east of Orleans. Street View

24. On Overton Avenue at N Third Street.

25. On Evergreen just south of Chelsea. Street View

26. On Roland south of York in the rear are several connected together.

27. Tri-State Veneer – 83 Waterworks Ave west of 1005 N Second Street.

28. Old Celotex – 1510 Orenda Rd.   Gone

29. Memphis Auto Parts, Salvage Yard southwest corner of Lewis Street and Chelsea. There are 2 large ones at this location. Street View

30. Memphis Little Theater was at the Pink Palace in what is now the Mansion Theater.  Gone. 

7 thoughts on “Quonset Huts

  1. 30. That wasn’t The Little Theater, that was in the Mansion Theatre at the Pink Palace. The quonset hut was Memphis Children’s Theatre now named after Lucile Ewing and, at last reckoning, on Flicker St.

    1. The quonset hut that was Children’s Theatre was at the fairgrounds, near the rear of where the Kroc Center is now.

      Also, sadly the Ewing Children’s Theatre building that was on Avery, behind the Board of Education, didn’t survive Hurricane Elvis.

      Even though multiple attempts were made to revive the theater elsewhere, I dont believe any were successful.

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