Memphis In World War I

Did you know we had spies in Memphis during WW1? There was also war rally in Overton Park in 1916 with strong support of the war.

Hear all about these events and more in this episode of Memphis In World War I.

Image courtesy of Tricia McMillian Gully

Our panel for this show includes G. Wayne Dowdy, historian and the senior manager of the Memphis Public Library and Information Center’s history department.

His books can be purchased on Amazon

Also joining us again is our own John Robilio. John brings his deep knowledge of the Memphis area and world history to this episode.

Show Notes:

Black Tom Island Explosion

The math for the war bond sales – $9,000 in 1917 is worth $163,000 today! Way to go Boy Scouts!

Please excuse the extraneous sounds for this episode, we’re recording in a working library!

Research team: Joe V Lowry, Trish Gully
Moderator: John Robilio
Editor: Trish Gully
Producer: Mark White 

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