G. P. Hamilton

As Memphis history goes, G. P. Hamilton, was one of my heroes. If you get a chance to read his book ” The Bright Side” its worth your time, especially if you call yourself interested in Memphis history.

Green Polonius “G P” Hamilton
Birth: 1868
Death: May 29, 1932

Author of the 1908 book ‘The Bright Side of Memphis’ an early book on the Black residents of Memphis, and in 1911 “Beacons of the Race”.

In 1892 Hamilton, an honors graduate of Le Moyne was appointed principal of Kortrecht, the first public high school for blacks in Memphis. There he organized the first black high school band in the city. He was the first principal of B.T. Washington High School.

Hamilton Elementary, Jr. and Sr. High Schools are named for him. Last address: 620 St. Paul.

The online version of The Bright Side of Memphis can be found at ttp://bit.ly/2WDEkfw

And you can purchase the book here. https://amzn.to/2DTuwqJ

Written by Joe Lowry with research and editorial assistance by Trish Gully.

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  1. Hi! My name is Lisa. I was born in Memphis and lived on the area most of my life. I now live in California. I have the original 1908 copy of The Bright Side of Memphis. I got it at an estate sale in Memphis for $2.00 back in 2002. Thought I would share that since I came across this blog on Mr. Hamilton.

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