Christian Brothers High School Part I

Join us as we walk down memory lane with Brother Joel McGraw and a wonderful group of CBHS alumni. From its founding to today, Christian Brothers has stood as a Memphis icon for education and standards that built the men we now call “The Brothers Boys”.

Did you know CBHS has the oldest high school band in the US? Learn this and more as we talk about the first days of the school, the Yellow Fever impact and the rest of the storied history of CBHS.

Image courtesy of Jason Terrell.

Our special quest for this episode, Brother Joel McGraw, has taught at CBHS for 50 years and has seen the school evolve into the beacon it is today. Among other capacities Brother Joel now serves as the historian for the school and you’ll love hearing his memories of the classes, graduations and more.


We’re blessed to be joined on this episode by Chief Jody Dwyer, Fire Marshal for Germantown Fire department as well as Larry Cervetti, a local entrepreneur and owner of Mattei’s Garage. Our own Trish McMillian Gully stops by to talk about her experience as a mother of a Christian Brothers boy, and friend of the show Jason Terrell shares his memories of his time at CBHS. 

Images courtesy of Jason Terrell.

Research team: Joe V Lowry, Trish Gully 
Moderator: John Robilio
Editor: Trish Gully
Producer: Mark White 

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