Chief Michael Fitzmorris

Chief Michael Fitzmorris was everything a Fire Chief should be. There was never a better all-around Fire Officer that I am aware of. I know the story behind every fire chief we have ever had before 1974. This was my favorite Fire Officer.

Chief Michael J Fitzmorris  served as Chief from 1918 to 1927 the first mention of Michael was 1886 through 1888 as driver of Engine 4. In 1889 he was a Fireman on Engine 1, in 1890 a Driver with the Fire Insurance Patrol, in 1893 a Hosemen on Engine 5, in 1894 a Lieutenant on Engine 5, in 1906 the Captain of Engine 5 , in 1907 he was promoted to Assistant Chief and in 1918 promoted to Chief.

Michael Fitzmorris had a reputation of knowing when to pull the men out of a building and how to keep them out of danger.

“The men would have followed him into the depths of hell if he had led them there”.

Chief Fitzmorris was not only respected here but among his peers throughout the country among the National Fire Services. He was also known as an officer who would never ask you to do something he would not do. During Fire Chief John E McFadden’s last several years on the job, he was plagued with serious medical issues. Assistant Chief Fitzmorris, was very loyal at all times. Chief McFadden told the City Commission that ” if something happens to me, Chief Michael Fitzmorris had all of the tools and training to replace me at any time.”

Michael Fitzmorris died on September 2, 1926.

Thank you Chief for your service!

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