What exactly is an Our Memphis History podcast?

Our podcasts are recorded conversations between historians, history buffs and long-time Memphians who (usually but not always) have grown up in our city.

The recordings are done all over the city of Memphis, from the Memphis Room of the Main Library on Poplar to the Shelby County Archives and everywhere in between. The show is not live and there is no pressure to perform or be perfect. Mistakes can be cleaned up in editing and post-production. 

Our goals are simple:

-To present an interesting and factual episode where our listeners learn something new and meet some incredible Memphians. 

-To record Memphis history before the people who lived it are gone.   

What it is NOT.

It is not a ‘gotcha’ recording where we attempt to put words in any guest’s mouth or create a controversy for listeners. We will not edit your words to give an impression that you have a different opinion that what you expressed during the recording. Our episodes are factual and include opinions of our hosts and quests but are never rude or attack based. 

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