Let's Talk About Memphis

Come join us for a look at our wonderful city. Our history is cometimes complex, sometimes funny but always entertaining. Whatever our history says about us, it's OUR history. Let's talk about how we became the city we are today.


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The Show

Ever wonder how our streets get their names? Who was the first mayor? Let's talk about our Memphis history.

Show Notes

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Whether you’ve lived here for your entire life, or you’re new to our fine city, there is one thing you notice. Memphis is a special city. 

We’ve had our ups and downs, our successes and our failures. But no matter how you slice it, Memphis is a unique place. Our people are strong, our bbq is delicious and we have the best water around. 

Join Mark & Joe as they walk through our extensive history. Where the streets got their names, who were our famous and infamous citizens, what we laugh about and cry over, we’ll talk about all of it. 

One thing that we won’t do? We won’t bash our city. That’s too common today and anyone can do that. We believe in our community and its people, OUR people.

We love our city and celebrate how it has weathered storms, both literal and figuratively. 

We are the 901.

This is Our Memphis History.

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