What Is A Podcast

Podcasts may be new to some of you and that’s OK. A podcast is nothing but a recording that can be subscribed to. So what is the ‘subscribe’ that we talk about? Subscribing is a way to tell the creator of the podcast that you wish to have their shows (episodes, podcasts, etc.) automatically downloaded to your phone or other device that allows you to play the show.

Most people listen to podcasts on their phone. There are many free apps out there that allow you to do this and they’re all pretty simple. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Apple Podcasts – you can download this from the iTunes store from this link. If you have an iPhone, this is probably already on your phone.
  • Google Play Store – if you have an Android phone you can use this free player to listen to podcasts and more. Download it from here.
  • Overcast – this is my personal favorite. If you are an iPhone user this app has all the right features and is a breeze to use. Get it here.
  • Stitcher – this free app is also a great player and helps you find new podcasts to listen to. You can get it here.

Once you choose and download your app you’re ready to subscribe to a few podcasts. Each of the apps has a search feature. For our podcast search for ‘our memphis history’ and click the download image or link when it appears. You at this point have the ability to choose how many of the episodes you wish to download and how many to keep once you’ve listened to them.

You can also find our podcast on iTunes and the Google Play Store.